Hongkong Rolex store opened in Tongluowan

At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the world's top Swiss watch brand Rolex announced the new Rolex store in Hongkong Hongkong to the grand opening of the inheritance of a long tradition of Rolex -- excellent quality, elegant and exquisite craft.

In February 28th, Hongkong Rolex stores and jewelry watches honored to be invited to the Rolex brand spokesperson placedo Domingo - world chief tenor (Pl cido Domingo) to visit the site, with special guest world famous classical pianist Yundi Li co chaired the replica watches uk store grand opening ceremony. Visit two top music master, so that guests in appreciation of Rolex distinguished elegant watch at the same time, can see the extraordinary style of world-class music masters. The opening of the opening ceremony of the two officiating guests not only visited the store, is deeply interested in a series of distinguished Rolex watches.

Hongkong Rolex store Perpetual GMT-Master II Oyster Hongkong Rolex store Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II, oyster perpetual GMT type II, 18K gold chronometer, oyster watch strap, which can rotate the outer ring with a diamond and sapphire square square, 24 hour pointer and can be adjusted for 12 hours while using any convenient pointer, two time zones, dense diamond surface shell the ear and shoulder protection case list crown were encrusted with diamonds, waterproof depth 100 meters /330 feet, automatic chain, sapphire glass.

Located in the golden section of Hongkong Tongluowan Russell Street (opposite Times Square) of the new Hongkong Rolex store to perform the operation and management by the emperor jewelry shop, the whole area of 1600 feet, both classical and elegant decoration, luxury elegant, rolex replica shows the extraordinary style. Enthusiastic about the cause of the art of the Rolex brand, from the beginning of 70s has been a strong support for the outstanding outstanding people in the field of culture, to encourage them to pursue a higher artistic achievement. The world's leading tenor placedo - Domingo (Pl cido Domingo) since 1982 to become the spokesperson of Rolex, its brilliant achievements fully demonstrated the spirit of Rolex brand.

Hongkong Rolex store is the world's largest single luxury watch brand The emperor Jewelry: Jewelry watches to a world-class brand watches and the production of noble fashion beautiful jewelry renowned. As early as 1942 began operating watches retail business, in 60s to carry out more jewelry retail business, has more than sixty-five years of history, is an important cornerstone of the emperor group.

Hongkong replica watches store is the world's largest single luxury watch brand, headquartered in Switzerland Geneva, established in 1908. Rolex mainly developed unique materials and manufacturing technology, with incomparable and extraordinary watch. All watches and detail parts are in Geneva design and production, to ensure that products meet the highest quality. Hongkong Rolex store research and create the first waterproof case and the first automatic watch chain. Rolex is also the first to obtain the certification of the observatory watch manufacturers, and has a watch industry through the record number of the largest Observatory certification movement.