Luxury Rolex diamond watch can be met without the classic

At present, the most expensive Rolex diamond-studded watch is what looks like? Yesterday, a price of 400 million yuan replica watch diamond table appearance. This luxurious Rolex diamond watch with 18K white gold carefully crafted, with solid platinum production case, while the dial is set with diamonds water ripple pattern. Rolex diamond watch from the watch can see 232 diamond cut diamonds, to the strap 1749 diamonds, plus the surface of the 300 diamonds, not help marvel, is indeed a Rolex! The most expensive Rolex diamond watch is what looks like?

The replica watches uk diamond watch luxury lies in the level of the process of inlaid diamonds, its 18K white gold solid case set with 232 bright cut diamonds, the outer ring has a triangular cut diamonds and 47 conical cut diamonds, table The band is also set with 64 rectangular cut diamonds and 1749 bright cut diamonds, the surface there are 300 bright cut diamonds. In the counter light irradiation, the table body dazzling, very eye-catching.

According to the staff, this Rolex drill table in the Chinese mainland market is only three, one of which has been sold in Hangzhou. Rolex's design, production, and always maintain the traditional style. Its performance, including automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dust and so on. Excellence in workmanship, especially the dial, table and strap carved into the crown is its high-quality mark. Because brand-name watches in the manufacture of the use of advanced equipment, high-quality materials, to the processing of fine, high-quality finish. The rolex replica drill table in the Chinese mainland market is only three

Rolex (Rolex), excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, blend of distinguished, elegant and unique temperament in one, the leader in the world watch industry, known as the "precision" synonymous. Rolex much people around the world respected, but also won the collectors of all ages. Some people love their accuracy, some appreciate its elegance, some people like its sturdy ... ... once owned, stare proud. Of course, Rolex will follow the trend, when the popular small and exquisite quartz watch, the corresponding launch of the Rolex quartz watch.

How to distinguish between the Rolex quartz watch and mechanical watch? Usually watch the face plate or after the bottom cover will be marked Quartz or Automatic, so that you can clearly distinguish between quartz watch or mechanical watch. How to distinguish Rolex quartz watch and mechanical watch?

Another method of identification is to watch the second hand is walking way. If the second hand is a second one second jumping walking, then this table is the quartz watch; the other hand, if not jumping walking, it is a mechanical watch. If you find the second hand to walk for two seconds or four seconds, this or the Rolex quartz watch, but when you find your second hand to walk in such a gait, it is issued to you to replace the battery alarm. Part of the design of a better quartz watch with this device will be a walk four seconds, five seconds, to advance to inform you of the battery.